Live Duet is a collaborative project between  Artistic Associates Jayden Pfeifer and Johanna Bundon.  A successful premier in Oct, 2016 and will become a staple in the Curtain Razors repertoire.

Live Duet is a personal and poetic exploration of partnership within the public and private realms. Physical, Poetic Intimate, this work explores the outskirts of married life and the (im)possibility of collaboration on and off the stage and nags questions of identity and togetherness. At its core, Live Duet is a live theatre experience that is often interrupted by its colloquial first cousins: tango, improvisation, comedy, magic, and marriage.


What a strange and unusual surprise. A pure delight and pleasure to experience! Riveting! Good job you two!!

Andrea Dorosh


This show is just- ahhh! It’s so full of joy and play. You feel its tensions in your guts. It’s meticulous. It’s lovely. Their ability to be so open and vulnerable and generous, with each other and with their audience, is really something special. You owe it to yourself to be in that room with them.

Sonia Stanger

I never wanted this beautiful, surprising, funny, moving show to end.

Rhiannon Ward

A unique window into two whirling and intertwined personalities in what looks to be a totally exhausting performance.

Eric Hill

You guys took my breath away. So good. I can’t tell you how impressed I was.

Kelley Jo burke

Thank-you  for the gift of new and inspiring art! WOW! you blew me away. laughs. cries. gasps. and sighs. thank-you!

Traci Kluk


I highly recommend this show. It’s entertaining and challenging, and dare I say… healing, to watch these seasoned performers share their personal and relationship fears in a way that is refreshingly relatable. Thank you Jayden Pfeifer and Johanna Bundon for baring all. The show is a nice reminder that outside appearances of success and happiness always have a backstory as people work to navigate an ever unfolding existence. Also, while watching I couldn’t help but think back to a conversation that I had a couple of years ago with the shows’ director Joey Tremblay who spoke passionately about his goal to support work that is both original and interesting enough to watch. If this show is an example of what he was talking about, I will certainly be sure to look for more of his work in the future.

 Steve Weiss