Burnt Sienna with Kris Alvarez and Special Guests

Saturday, February 9, 2019 | 8:00 PM
Artesian on 13th | 2627 13thAve | Regina, SK
Tickets: $20 advance | $25 at the door

Curtain Razors invites you to tune in to a variety show with a little more colour: Kris Alvarez’s Burnt Sienna brings audiences together for an evening of conversation, food, humour, and heart with local artists, thinkers, and entertainers from diverse backgrounds.

The idea for the show came on the heels of Alvarez’s previous production, What Kind of Brown are You?. “When I asked the audience why they thought more ‘brown folks’ didn’t come out to art events, one guest commented ‘Why would I pay thirty bucks to go out and see something that doesn’t speak to me or share my narrative?’”, Alvarez says. “This stuck with me and is one of the reasons for developing Burnt Sienna. I wanted to see: If I build it, will they come?”

Guests for the February 9 show to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Tickets for the February 9 and April 12 shows
available soon!

Presented in partnership with Artesian on 13th.

Supported by the City of Regina.